Learning How To Train My Dragon Anywhere


I am currently dictating this blog post on my phone using the Dragon anywhere on my phone. This is the first time I tried to dictate a blog post on my phone.

To get an idea of how accurate this app is, I’ve decided to post this blog post, as is without making any further edits. That way you can see how accurate it is. I have also not had a lot of experience using this. I watched the introductory video which was less than five minutes. And I have probably only dictated two other small documents 200 words or less.

The new thing that everyone has been talking about in the author forums and on social network is using dictation to increase your speed and productivity. I once tried Dragon a couple of years ago shortly before I had my first kit because I thought I would still have so much time once the baby was born and I could write while I sleep.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Oh how innocent I once was.

After reading Scott Baker’s book on the technical aspects of training my Dragon he basically convinced me that trying to do Dragon on my MacBook was going to be an endeavor in frustration.

But like most people really don’t have the funds to just buy another computer to test out that I don’t even know work for me into my new life necessarily.

But that’s where Dragon anywhere it comes in. For a monthly fee of $15 you can download the Dragon anywhere up to your phone and use your phone as a dictation device (I’m still on the first week free trial). The drawback is that it’s definitely not as powerful as Dragon professional which is kind of the gold standard when it comes to dictation software and it will not learn as well. It also requires an Internet connection to work (no dictating while hiking in the woods here).

I read (skimmed) a book on learning dictation for fiction writers. It advised that you get the hang of dictation software by using it to dictate emails, blog posts, to do lists, and so on and so forth.

So far it seems to be working all right so far.

This is not to say that I haven’t made mistakes while I’ve been talking and looking at the screen. I have. But I’ve been able to correct most of my mistakes via my voice.

This isn’t bad I was able to write a blog post while waiting for kids to get a school.

What do you think of this blog post? Have you considered using dictation software?