Who is the Start Up Indie Author?

After almost a decade of reviewing popular commercial fiction for one of the most prestigious traditional review outlets (during which I also acted as a preliminary judge for the Amazon Breakout Novel Contest), I decided to come over to the other side and become an author.

Seeing what I’ve seen of traditional publishing, I have no interest in having the fate of my books taken away from me. Moreover, I write in a niche which I believe just isn’t profitable for publishers (though I know several indie authors making some nice change in the same genre).

This blog is about chronicling my attempts to learn and understand the business side of being an author-entrepreneur. Because when you self-publish, you’re not just the author, you’re the publisher.

Although I’ve spent a long time learning writing craft, I’m working on leveling up my business / marketing / entrepreneurial skills.

In this age of ebooks, for self-publishing, digital marketing is where the game is played.

And now that you’ve come to the end of my little manifesto, the personal side:

I am a very very busy mom responsible for two adorable toddlers. I like bubble tea (not too sweet). I believe that Avatar: The Last Airbender (yes the Nickelodeon cartoon) was one of the most amazing series I’ve seen in my entire adult life. I also read very widely.

And at some point, I’ll try to include an ongoing list of books I’ve been reading here.

But I did promise pandas. Well, here’s one for now!

Baby Panda Climbs logs and wonders about optimizing newsletter open rates…